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Our Vision:

To be a reconciled community of Christians exercising a prophetic witness to Christ.

Our Mission:

We will proclaim our Triune God in Southern Africa through:

Bearing witness to the saving love of Jesus Christ

Building vital, reforming congregations for worship, ministry and discipleship

Visibly proclaiming the Kingdom of God through unity, justice, peace and love.

Our Mission Priorities:

We will adopt specific and measurable targets for the denomination against the following priorities and report on progress against these targets to the denomination through the General Assembly:

1. Evangelism

2. Supporting the development of missional congregations

3. Health, well being and securing justice

4. Engaging in reconciliation and unity

5. Stewardship

Together we have ascertained the following values to guide our behaviour towards each other and the world.

• Love

• Holiness

• Scriptural

• Integrity

• Spiritual Growth

• Servant hood